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13 Sep 2018 13:00
BFF Banking Group launches dynamic discounting
Supply Chain Finance and Fintech to provide clients the maximization of the cash flow to their entire chain

BFF Banking Group – the leading financial services provider to suppliers of the European Healthcare and Public Administration sectors – launches dynamic discounting to support its clients into the maximization of the cash flow, to be extended also to their entire chain (SMEs).

Dynamic discounting allows BFF Banking Group clients to improve their efficiency in cash flow management, by offering their suppliers specific payment terms according to their mutual liquidity needs. The whole service is provided by a digital platform developed in cooperation with FinDynamic – a FinTech specialised in dynamic discounting; the first one to introduce this service in Italy.

The partnership with FinDynamic started within the Supply Chain Finance Observatory, School of Management, Politecnico di Milano, which is now in its sixth edition. BFF Banking Group actively participates to the Observatory activities since 2016.

Enrico Viganò, CEO and founder of FinDynamic, says: “Dynamic discounting is widely used abroad. Thanks to BFF Banking Group it is now possible to extend this service to Factoring activities.”

“It is central to our business to look at further efficiency by renovating traditional financial services connected to factoring market”, says Roberto Castiglioni, VP Factoring, BFF Banking Group. “We incessantly work to make technology and innovation a relevant part of our products and services development”.