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15 Apr 2020 11:30
BFF Banking Group launches new term-free deposits at 1% in Poland

Lodz, 15 April 2020 - BFF Banking Group – the leading European financial services provider to suppliers of the Public Administrations – offers 1% rate on term-free deposits.  
Starting from today, medium-long term deposits will pay up to 4% on maturity, depending on the selected term, from 3 to 60 months; while term-free deposits – that allow clients to withdraw their savings at any time – will pay 1% yearly interest pro rata.  
Since 2014, when BFF’s deposits have been launched and distributed across Europe under the name of Facto, they have raised €2.9bn.  Facto is distributed in Italy, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and represents one of the many Group funding sources. In Poland it is distributed in Zloty and addressed both to retail and corporate clients. It is also intended to further support the business development in the country, where BFF has been operating since 2016, and customer loans represent more than 17% of the Group total. 
Thanks to its low-risk business model, BFF Banking Group has a robust capital position: at the end of December 2019 Total Capital ratio was 15.0%, and CET1 was 10.9%, excluding the expected cash dividend. It has also a very low risk profile with Net NPLs at 1.5%, and it is one of the most profitable banks in Europe, with 38% Adjusted RoTE, and 34 years of continuous profitability.  
Moody’s decision from 26th March to confirm BFF’s current ratings with positive outlook, for both the Long-term issuer rating (“Ba1”) and the Long-term deposit rating (“Baa3”), further reiterates the financial solidity of the Bank, and it makes BFF Banking Group the only bank in Italy rated with positive outlook from the rating agency. 
“We recognize the importance of supporting clients in this period of emergency and uncertainty, so – thanks to our strong financial stability – we decided to offer a new and competitive alternative to our own medium-long term deposits. – said Krzysztof Kawalec, Head of Poland, BFF Banking Group. “We are in a position to provide competitive and safe products to our clients, who can now choose between deposits they can withdraw at any time and get 1% interest, and medium-long term deposits up to 4%”.  
BFF Banking Group deposits are guaranteed by the Italian Deposit Guarantee Fund (Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositi - F.I.T.D.), which is the Italian equivalent of the Bank Guarantee Fund in Poland.  
BFF Banking Group and Facto are brands of Banca Farmafactoring S.p.A. 
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For more information about Moody’s rating, refer to the press release on the rating agency’s website, at the following link: