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13 Jun 2019
BFF Banking Group’s important presence on the 18th CFO Forum
How factoring enhances trust in business relations, supporting financial growth

BFF Banking Group - the leading financial services provider to suppliers of the National Healthcare System and Public Administration sectors in Europe - participates on KPMG’s 18th CFO Forum “Managing the asset of trust”. Attended by over 200 CFOs, the Forum gives its participants the opportunity to discuss and listen to international speakers, entrepreneurs and institutional representatives on topical issues concerning their business.

BFF Banking Group shares with the attendees the pivotal role of factoring in enhancing trust in business relations. Indeed, it describes how trust might support companies to outperform competitors and enable new business opportunities.

Michele Antognoli, VP International Markets, BFF Banking Group, comments: "The CFO Forum is a great chance to interact with key executives about the challenges of the Greek economy. Being the largest purchaser of the Public Sector receivables in Europe and the only operator in Greece, we are in a position to provide custom made, breakthrough solutions for the peculiarities of the Greek market, facilitating the suppliers of the National Health System and of the Public Administration."