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29 Jun 2018
BFF Banking Group and Citelum to close the first agreement in Italy on energy renovation
BFF Banking Group and Citelum created the first financial solution to qualify banks, companies and Public Administration cooperation on infrastructures efficiency

BFF Banking Group – the leading financial services provider to suppliers of the European Healthcare and Public Administration sectors – and Citelum – the reference for city lighting and connected services – signed the first agreement in Italy to buy receivables due from the P.A. because of investments into technological and energy renovation of infrastructures. 

BFF Banking Group and Citelum created a financial solution which allows companies the deconsolidation of the early investments they face for the production and installation of networks for local administrations, and to buy receivables coming from supplies, operations and maintenance. 

Roberto Castiglioni, Head of Factoring at BFF Banking Group, said: "We are proud of the agreement with Citelum, because it’s the first time in Italy we reach such an agreement on energy renovation. It opens new ways to operate for companies and local administrations on infrastructures renewal. Our priority is always to create innovative products to support our clients in their business relations with the Public Administration"

Raffaele Bonardi, CEO of Citelum Italia, added: "The agreement with BFF Banking Group shows how important is a joint approach into banking and business relations. It favors synergies and new solutions to companies’ needs. BFF Banking Group and its strong specialization provides companies with the maximum results, by consenting business to focus its attention on assets, services and products offer"