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18 mar 2022 11:42
Publication of further documentation related to the Annual General Meeting of 31st March 2022 - Remuneration and Compensation Report - Integration

Milan, 18th March 2022 – BFF Bank S.p.A. informs that with reference to the publication on 7th March 2022 of the document “Report on Remuneration and compensation paid the members of the strategic supervision, management and control bodies and the personnel of the Bff Banking Group” approved by the Board of Directors on March 1, 2022, a number of changes were made today, highlighted in revision mode in that document, therefore the document was published again both on the authorized storage mechanism 1Info, as well as in the section of the BFF Investors > Governance > Shareholders’ Meeting Documentation > Shareholders’ Meeting 31 March 2022 section BFF Group’s website