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19 July 2019
BFF Banking Group sponsored the 10th Pharma and Healthcare Conference and joined the debate on future trends influencing the Greek Healthcare System
Factoring as a means to give companies operating within the Healthcare Sector the possibility to increase financial stability and improve their working capital.

BFF Banking Group – the leading financial services provider to suppliers of the National Healthcare System and Public Administration sectors in Europe – sponsored the 10th Pharma & Health Conference on “Health Policy Priorities” in Greece, with the aim of encouraging a positive debate around the future of healthcare sector.

During the conference, the Group shared the results of the Report “Financing healthcare and the quality of the system for patient.”, which was presented for the first time last April in Poland. The Research analyses the availability of services and treatment outcomes as the most relevant variables among patients’ expectations – who are in fact the final users of healthcare services. The Report also looks at the healthcare debt and financing system, being a key topic across Europe.

With regards to Greece, stagnation in the level of expenditure on healthcare and lack of structural reforms emerged from the Report as two of the main threats to healthcare functioning in the Country in the perspective of 5 years. However, the Research shows that Greece has several performing areas in healthcare policy, which go from the e-prescription system, data analysis, no restriction on access to the most expensive therapies, and access to hospital care for immigrants, refugees and the lowest earners.
It means that each of the Countries analyzed within the Report has some major pains affecting healthcare system, but strengths also to sustain growth and future developments in the sector. 
The Research clearly shows that Governments and organizations are going through a period of enormous change, with new technologies, eHealth services and investments in innovation that contribute to the reduction in the costs of hospital treatments, but reasonably impact the healthcare expenses. 

“The Report, like the participation to the 10th Pharma & Health Conference, rests on our intention to promote a broader and constructive discussion around these topics. Different voices contribute to share the best practises and seek new solutions in favour of a more efficient and innovative European Healthcare environment.” – says Michele Antognoli, VP International Markets, BFF Banking Group. "As the largest purchaser of the Public Sector receivables in Europe and the only acting platform in Greece, we are proud to make our strong know how in non-recourse factoring for healthcare and Public Administration suppliers available to companies, by helping them in managing their liquidity even more effectively and meeting future market challenges.”

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