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31 Dec 2019 14:00
Effectiveness of IOS Finance’s merger

Milan, 31st December 2019 – Following the withdrawal, authorised by the Bank of Spain, of the EFC (Establecimiento financiero de crédito) status of IOS Finance S.A.U. (“IOS Finance”), BFF Banking Group announces that today the deed of merger by incorporation of IOS Finance in BFF Finance Iberia S.A.U. (BFF Iberia”, 100% controlled by the parent company Banca Farmafactoring S.p.A.) has been filed and registered with the Madrid Registro Mercantil and has become effective.

Therefore, starting from 1st January 2020 BFF Iberia will take over all the assets and liabilities belonging to IOS Finance. Accounting and fiscal effects of the merger start, instead, from 30th September 2019, the closing date. Please refer to page 2 of the press release dated 8th November 2019 for more details about the transaction.

The new structure of BFF Group can be viewed at the following link: