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28 set 2020 16:38
Errata corrige on the notice of change in share capital of 24th September 2020

Milan, 28th September 2020 – In relation to the press release of Banca Farmafactoring S.p.A. (“BFF” or the “Bank”) of 24th September 2020 about the change in share capital, increased by an amount equal to Euro 797.72, through the issue of 1,036 new ordinary BFF shares, assigned to BFF Group’s employees, the Bank specifies that this change in share capital is a consequence of the issuance of shares necessary to meet the obligations related to the payment of the variable remuneration with financial instruments, in execution of the Group’s current remuneration and incentive policies. These obligations are not linked, as erroneously communicated on 24th September 2020, to the “Stock Option Plan of the Banca Farmafactoring Banking Group”, originally approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 5th December 2016 and amended by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 28th March 2019.