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05 August 2020
BFF Banking Group with Asseco to introduce e-signature for employees in Poland

Warsaw/Lodz, August 5 2020 – BFF Banking Group – the leading bank for suppliers of the Public Administrations in Europe – and Asseco Data Systems – one of the largest trust service provider in Poland – have signed an agreement to introduce the e-signature platform for BFF employees in Poland.

The deal confirms BFF commitment to innovation and up to date solutions to meet both employees and customers’ needs. Indeed, the platform allows BFF to remotely sign all the documents from any device, thanks to the SimplySign service – a cloud-based e-signature under the form of a mobile app. 

“BFF Banking Group in Poland is an example of a determined partner, open to new solutions, who knew from the beginning its needes. This is the most important condition in order to successfully implement the paperless project. I am glad that BFF Banking Group in Poland joined the group of organizations which trusted us and appreciated the value of the e-signature” - said Artur Miękina, Key Projects Sales Director, Asseco Data Systems.

“Introducing the e-signature allows us to further implement our "paperless" approach, which is crucial today in running operational processes. It is not just an element of ESG policies, but a need for companies who believe in innovation as the key to improve the quality of job for employees, the company itself, and clients. We succeeded to be fully operational during the Covid-19 emergency exactly thanks to this approach.” - said Urban Kielichowski, Director, Operations, BFF Banking Group in Poland.