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25 Mar 2021 17:31
Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of BFF Bank S.p.A.
> The new Board of Directors and the new Board of Statutory Auditors have been appointed with a three-year mandate > First Board of Directors as a Public Company, with more than 70% of votes to the list of the outgoing Board of Directors from the shareholders > Board of Statutory Auditors appointed entirely based on the investors’ proposal

Milan, 25th March 2021 – The Shareholders’ Meeting of BFF Bank S.p.A. (“BFF” or the “Bank”), the Parent Company of BFF Banking Group, has met today in ordinary session and in a single call.


The Chairman Salvatore Messina, reconfirmed in his office for the next three years, expressed his great satisfaction: “We have significantly renewed the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors, with great support from the shareholders, adding new and articulated skills, which are also the expressions of the countries where we operate. From 2013 to date, the Group has reached a broad geographic expansion, a growing business diversification, a formidable quali-quantitative enrichment of its staff, which increased to c. 900 from just over 100 employees, demonstrating, also, in the severe circumstances of the pandemic event, a great resilience, translated into new ways of carrying out the business, and creating ever increasing significant values for the company and the Shareholders, in compliance with the law and supervisory regulations”.