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15 Jul 2013
BFF becomes a bank
Farmafactoring, one of the most important Italian financial operators in the Public Administration sector, and in particular in healthcare, becomes a Bank. The company has in fact obtained the authorisation of the Bank of Italy to transform into a credit institution adopting the new name of Banca Farmafactoring.

This is an important news in the almost 30 year life of Farmafactoring, and comes as crowning element of an extraordinary financial statement just closed with a net profit of euro 56.4 million, the highest in the company history, up almost 40% compared to the 2011 one. The company’s turnover exceeded euro 151 million.

“The transformation into a bank – declared the managing director of Farmafactoring Marco Rabuffi – represents a unique opportunity to continue the growth path in serving our clients, shareholders and the institutions operating in the health industry. Thanks to this change, in fact, Banca Farmafactoring will be able to increase its funding possibilities, to broaden its action filed, to take advantage of new growth opportunities in Italy and abroad. All the above with a sole goal: that of improving its services, further strengthening its reliability, affirming even more its already consolidated history as efficient and competitive partner among the operators of the national health service”.

The transformation of Farmafactoring into a bank will be accompanied by a change of the logo and an advertising campaign.

Farmafactoring is chaired by Salvatore Messina, for many years in charge of the Milan office of the Bank of Italy. The Company operates in the field of managing and disposing of credits towards the local health agencies and hospitals and is controlled by FF Holding, 92% owned by Apax Partners private equity funds. Among the other shareholders are also Bracco, Mediolanum Farmaceutici, Merck Serono, Molteni.