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12 Jan 2022 10:06 | Relevant information
BFF: additional tier 1 bond issuance

Milan, 12 January 2022 – BFF Bank S.p.A. (the “Bank”) has mandated Morgan Stanley to arrange  a potential bond issuance to be qualified as additional tier 1 capital in accordance with applicable  laws and regulations.

The proposed issuance, with perpetual maturity, will be placed, subject to market conditions, with institutional investors in Italy and abroad, with the exclusion ofthe United States of America in accordance with Regulation S under the United States Securities Act of 1933, Canada, Australia, Japan or any other country where the offer or sale of the notes is forbidden under applicable laws; and will be listed on the MTF of Euronext Dublin.

Piergiorgio Bicci, CFO, BFF Banking Group, commented: “By launching this new transaction we aim at achieving several objectives, such as to optimize and strengthen the regulatory capital structure of the Bank and diversify its funding sources. In addition, the bond issuance will strengthen the leverage ratio and meet future MREL requirements, as well as provide support for growth and allow greater flexibility for potential M&A transactions, due to improved capital ratios, in line with our growth plan”.




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