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04 Mar 2021
BFF announces new brand identity
A renewed design to celebrate the creation of one of the most profitable and best capitalized banking group in Europe.



Milan, 4th March 2021 – BFF is proud to announce a new brand identity on the occasion of the merger between the parent company Banca Farmafactoring S.p.A. with DEPObank S.p.A.1 , that together creates  BFF Bank S.p.A.

BFF is a leading independent specialty finance player in Europe with high capital generation, high profitability, and a growth oriented and sustainable business model. It specializes in factoring & lending, securities services, banking & corporate payments. 

The modernized logo will lead the group new brand identity, progressively replacing the original icon from 5th March, the merger effective date. The gradual replacement has been planned to meet the internal and external growing demand, for protecting the environment and creating sustainable strategies at all levels.
The rebranding process will therefore be actioned gradually from March across Europe, to avoid any waste of resources, in paper and other materials, that need to be replaced or reorganized.  

The new design has been first presented today to all employees with a live digital event that gathered the whole Group across Europe, consistent with an inclusive culture that puts people at the centre of our organization. 

"The new identity is a symbol of the significant step we completed in our group evolution. We are uniquely positioned to deliver superior results, thus we wanted to modernize our logo to align better the brand to our strategy" – said Massimiliano Belingheri, CEO of BFF Banking Group.   


* * *

Inspired by Art
The corporate emblem, in continuity with the current design, has been simplified and rotated to imply a forward movement. 

It is inspired by the artwork Danza [Dance], that the company commissioned to the artist Gianfranco Pardi and donated to the city of Milan in 20062, to decorate one of the major gateways of the city, close to BFF’s own headquarters. 

The sculpture is composed of a series of yellow bended lines that – in their curves and interruptions – suggest the movement and dynamism of change, aligned with our principles of continuous innovation and excellence in execution. 

The rationale behind the tagline
The new logo maintains the tagline launched in 2017: “a bank like no other”. 
With the merger with DEPObank, we combine two leaders in our respective niches. The tagline reminds us of our successes and the unique opportunities for the future.

The Mission and Vision statements are maintained, as outlined in the “BFF 2023” strategic plan. 
Mission: Be the leaders in innovation, customer service and execution in our reference markets, with a low risk profile and high operational efficiency, aligned with the best corporate governance practices for public companies.
Vision: Be a leader in specialty finance niches in Europe.

Typeface and colours 
Each of the letters has been capitalised and has been enlarged to offer a more instant connection with the brand and its meanings of growth, solidity, and agility. The typeface is unique, to further confirm the tagline” a bank like no other”. 

Colours remain the same, with a predominance of yellow that reminds Pardi’s work, and blue, plus a revamped palette better suited for digital channels. 
The three different business lines - factoring & lending, securities services, banking & corporate payments – will have their own distinctive colors from the new palette, for a more recognizable trait.

The new logo has been designed by Ideogramma.



1.    DEPObank is the leading Italian player in the securities services and bank payments sectors with a customer base of more than 400 clients, including mutual funds, banks, payment institutions, large corporate and public administrations. The transaction was announced in May 2020 and effective from 1st March 2021:
2.    From the Contemporary Art Collection of Farmafactoring Foundation. The Collection includes over 250 artworks spanning the early years post-World War II to the early 2000, created by artists such as Valerio Adami, Enrico Baj, Alberto Burri, Hsiao Chin, Mario Schifano, Arnaldo Pomodoro e Joe Tilson. It is permanently exposed in the Milan headquarters of the BFF Banking Group.