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07 sett 2022
BFF's touring exhibition "ART FACTOR - The Pop Legacy in Post-War Italian Art" heads to Warsaw

The Palace of Culture and Science will host the exhibition from 27th September, under the patronage of the Italian Institute of Culture  

The exhibition will then move on to Athens in November 2022, continuing its tour across Europe


Warsaw, 7th September 2022BFF Banking Group is delighted to announce that the touring exhibition “ART FACTOR – The Pop Legacy in Post-War Italian Art” is heading to Warsaw, where it will be hosted at the Palace of Culture and Science from 27th September to 26th October 2022.

“ART FACTOR – The Pop Legacy in Post-War Italian Art” is a project that was launched by BFF in 2020 with a view to showcasing Italian contemporary art. The first half of 2021 saw the release of a book of the same name, published by Skira editore Milano Genève Paris, which recounts the Italian journey towards Pop Art through the works of Italian artists Valerio Adami, Franco Angeli, Enrico Baj, Lucio Del Pezzo, Gianfranco Pardi, Mario Schifano and Emilio Tadini, carefully selected from the BFF collection. 
The publication represents the first step in a more extensive project involving the promotion of the collection outside Italy by means of an exhibition touring through Europe, which is set to come to an end in 2023.
All of the works come from a collection of around 250 pieces dating from the post-war period to the early 2000s, which BFF has been putting together since the 1980s, and which is permanently on show at BFF’s Italian offices in Milan and Rome. 

After being displayed in Bratislava, the exhibition is moving on to its second leg with a new selection specifically compiled for Poland, under the patronage of the Italian Institute of Culture. 

As project curator Maria Alicata states: “This initiative is a positive example of how it is possible to combine an entrepreneurial spirit with a commitment to art, at a time in which companies have taken on a very important role in the development of cultural projects and the promotion of art as a shared cultural legacy. “ART FACTOR” encapsulates the desire to be pro-active participants in those initiatives that generate value for society, as in the case of the artists represented in the exhibition”.

Rafał Krzemień, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Palace of Culture and Science, stated: “We are honoured that the Palace of Culture and Science has been selected as the backdrop for these extraordinary exhibitions. The main purpose of the palace is to serve as a venue that is open to diverse experiences, traditions and histories. It aims to provide a platform for the exchanging of ideas and inspiration – one in which the past becomes intertwined with the present, surprising and delighting the multitudes who visit it while also blazing a trail for other venues to follow.”

Kawalec Krzysztof, BFF Banking Group’s Head of Poland, added: "We are proud to bring Italian art and culture to Polish audiences. For us, this exhibition is, in part, a way of telling the story of our group, which is expressed not only through numbers and financial stability and solidity, but also through the ability to foster a sustainable culture among our employees and in the countries where BFF has a presence”. 

Massimiliano Belingheri, CEO of BFF Banking Group, commented: “We would very much like to thank Poland, and Warsaw in particular, for hosting us at this highly unusual time, when it is so essential to consolidate the role of art in society, as a tool to protect and nurture cultural diversity and the dialogue around it. Art is a genuine representation of history and, at the same time, a space for cultural interaction geared towards encouraging the mobility of ideas, experiences and individuals themselves, all of which are crucial for the growth of society”.

After Warsaw, the artworks will move on to the third leg of the tour, to be held in Athens from November 2022 until early 2023. Other cities that will subsequently host the exhibition include Lisbon, Madrid and Paris.

The European tour will then find a new home at “Casa BFF”, the new group headquarters in Milan, where a dedicated museum is to be established, with the works on permanent display. 


The exhibition will be staged from 27th September to 26th October 2022, Monday to Sunday, from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm. 

Access is free. The entrance to Kisielewski Hall is located next to the main entrance to the palace (from Marszalkowska Street). 

The logistics partners for the project in Europe are Open Care - Servizi per l'arte and Fercam Fine Art. The former will deal with the monitoring and management of the conservation of the collection, whereas the latter will be responsible for the transport and setting-up of the exhibition in compliance with the highest standards of safety and expertise in the fields of art and cultural heritage.  

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Palace of Culture and Science 
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