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11 Sep 2018 11:45
BFF Banking Group and Pfizer together to expand credit management service to the entire healthcare chain
BFF Banking Group and Pfizer strengthen their partnership through the expansion of the credit management services to pharmacies, clinics and wholesalers

BFF Banking Group – the leading financial services provider to suppliers of the European Healthcare and Public Administration sectors – and Pfizer – global market leader in the sector of the search, production and marketing of medicines – signed an agreement to extend the credit management services provided by BFF Banking Group to the whole distribution system, including pharmacies, clinics and wholesalers.

The agreement provides Pfizer better efficiency in managing its cost base and its customer relations, through a single interlocutor.

BFF Banking Group expertise allows Pfizer to identify the most suitable financial solutions also for its customers.

"BFF Banking Group has been a successful partner for Pfizer Group for over a decade. One of our point of strength is, indeed, that we can identify and assign the management of some key processes to the best specialists in the sectors of competence. It is also thanks to the continuous search for efficiency that Pfizer maintains and consolidates its market leadership", says Guido Di Donato, Finance Director of Pfizer Italia

Roberto Castiglioni, Head of Factoring at BFF Banking Group, said: “We are proud of the agreement with Pfizer, because it give us the opportunity of meeting our Client’s needs by providing an integrated credit management service in Italy. It represents a natural evolution of our activities, now extended to pharmacies, clinics and wholesalers.”