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16 Dec 2020 15:12
BFF Banking Group releases a socio-economic comparative analysis of 9 European healthcare systems in times of COVID-19 pandemic

Milan, December 16th, 2020 – BFF Banking Group – the leading player for suppliers of the Public Administrations and National Healthcare Systems in Europe – released today the second edition of the Healthcare Report, titled “Challenges to European healthcare systems at a glance. A comparative analysis of 9 EU countries in times of COVID-19”.

The Report analyses and compares 9 healthcare systems in the EU: Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain. These systems are based on different funding principles, as a result of heterogeneous economic conditions and societal views on issues related to income redistribution, incidence of institutions and government in healthcare provision, frequently shaped by different historical and cultural footprints.

The Report is also enriched by a special focus on COVID-19. The pandemic has brought to the fore several problems that were only hidden until today. This section shows how the countries have managed the pandemic during the first wave and how they have approached the current one. 

Thanks to data obtained from official sources and an ad-hoc survey administered to about 30 professionals and experts, the Report seeks to highlight common challenges and country specific issues that might be crucial in the near future.

Throughout the Group history, BFF has always promoted conferences and researches to discuss trending topics that could affect the relationship between companies and Public Administrations, to encourage a broader and constructive discussion in favor of a more efficient European healthcare environment, where different voices and points of view contribute to share the best practices and seek new solutions.