Public Entities’ suppliers

We are leader in Europe in managing and purchasing public sector receivables.

Non Recourse Factoring

Our non-recourse factoring is IAS-US GAAP compliant and certified by major auditing companies. Receivables, including tax credits for Italy and Spain, are fully transferred to BFF, allowing credits’ “derecognition”.

It is an end to end financial solution: we can manage, based on customer’s needs, the whole collection process of assigned credits, with no onerous activities on customer’s side. We pay nominal value of assigned receivables on a pre-arranged date, net the all-in fee. We offer the possibility to sign multi-Country agreements across the geographies where we operate.



  • Risk reduction: credit assignment is finalized; the supplier is not responsible in case of non-payments by Public Entities
  • Fully customizable operations
  • Revolving and One Shot
  • No credit limits by country, region or debtor
  • No blacklist in public sector 
  • Fixed and transparent cost: all-in fee 


  • Cash-flow planning
  • Lower operational costs
  • Balance ratios improvement
  • Better company rating 
  • Liquidity generation
  • DSO improvement



Our non recourse factoring can be integrated with a set of modular services adaptable to customers’ needs:



Tax receivables are fully transferred to BFF, by freeing up financial resources to invest in the core business: Vat, Ires, Robin Tax, Excise duties on petroleum products, Tax receivables for Research and Development activities, Ires receivables due to deductibility of Irap.



Financial solution for companies that provide capital equipment to local administrations and NHS. It can be modulated according to the customer needs and adaptable to the following sectors: Energy, Heating, Gas, Water, Communication networks, Health.

BFF provides immediate liquidity to meet the initial investment made by the customer and anticipates over time the receivables deriving from the supply of services, maintenance, etc.



Win-win innovative solution for both clients and suppliers, easy to extend to the entire supply chain: non-recourse credit assignment with access to the Dynamic Discount platform, allowing companies to create an extra cash to give their suppliers an advance payment service, against a cash discount, according to the mutual liquidity needs.



Financial instrument for companies which rely on local distribution network in order to provide goods or services to Public Entities or National Health Authorities.
Easy and useful solution for producers and distributors.