Banks, PSP & Corporate

We are the leading independent Italian player for domestic transactions, with a significant focus on intermediary services.

Corporate and Public-Sector Payments

Corporate and Public-Sector payments including:

  • Pension Payments for Banks, Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions: national social-security institute (INPS) collector body, operational and accounting intermediary
  • TELEPASS: intermediary bank between Telepass and its partner banks (for Telepass Family and Viacard)
  • Services to Corporate, Payment Institution and Electronic Money Institution clients for:
    • Collection and payment services (SDD Core and B2B)
    • SEPA Electronic Data Alignment (SEDA)
  • Sender’s Bank Services (SCT high priority, BIR)
  • Management of bill payment flows for Biller
  • Public-sector payments: 
    • reasury and cash services: customised payments and collection services for the public sector
    • Transfer Bank for PagoPa Agid service on behalf of the leading market acquirers



  • Customised approach (e.g. dedicated assistance up to Level 2 for national social-security institute (INPS), service ready to use with Telepass)
  • High level of expertise and consolidated experience in pension payments
  • Avoidance of costs (both running and capex)
  • Centralised treasury service
  • Outsourcing of back-office
  • Single, trusted partner