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Guarantee Fund

BFF, as Agent bank of RTI (Temporary Group of Enterprise) manager of the Guarantee Fund offers:

  • Legal and operative assistance to company who requests the Fund’s participation (banks, confidi and other financial intermediaries) through support services and training on main web platform.
  • Organization of informative events aimed at companies beneficiary of Fund’s action
  • Service promotion in order to continuous improvement through the proposal of Steering Committee.
  • General support to subject’s beneficiary of guarantee.


Guarantee fund for SME, constituted with Law number n. 662/96, it’s a credit risk mitigation instrument, operating at Economic Development Minister to support SME. The Fund sustain the development of SME and professionals recognizing a public guarantee on financing given by banks and other financial intermediaries.

As BFF, we make available to all subjects of the Fund, companies and local intermediaries (banks, confide, associations) a team composed by specialists and dedicated to assistance, training and promotion activities of this facilitation instrument.



  Telephone Mobile
Davide Politano +39 02 7705.3178 +39 348.279.0165
Simonetta de Nicolais +39 02 7705.3138 +39 345.640.5359
Marzia Ferri +39 02 7705.3193 +39 345.589.4945
Massimiliano Galli +39 02 7705.3814 +39 335.777.0022


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Further information about normative reference, operating modes and documentation on Guarantee Fund available on Guarantee Fund website (