Funds & AMC

We are the sole Italian national champion in the securities services business.


Depositary services include:

  • NAV valuation monitoring and other monitoring activities
  • Ensuring compliance for shares issue and reimbursements
  • Recording and keeping securities records
  • Reporting for funds, asset managers and supervisory bodies
  • Reconciliation of funds assets and liquidity
  • Funds current account operations execution



  • Unique knowledge of local context – only Italian depositary
  • Ability to adapt to customer needs (e.g. ad-hoc reporting)
  • Market leader on closed pension funds
  • Widely-recognized broad offer of high value-added products/services


Our depositary offer can be integrated with a set of value added services adaptable to customers’ needs:

  • Soft-NAV calculation for all clients
  • Check of regulatory limits and of investment mandate limits
  • Pension funds indexes
  • OICR Look through: detailed analysis and monitoring, on the basis of regulatory limits, of each financial instrument in the OICR portfolio. On the basis of this analysis, direct and indirect investments limits are reciotalculated
  • Sending of COVIP flows (Delibera 16/3/2012) in support of the Funzione Finanza
  • Customer Facing: dedicated team for the monitoring and verification of payments performed by the Fund
  • Reporting System NETGATE: performance and risk analysis of the portfolio, efficiency indicators and rolling analysis
  • Management of integrated taxation: given a proper authorization, filling of documents and forms for the optimization of tax expenses
  • Efficient exchange of documentation through a specific IT application