Local Governments & NHS

We offer financing to healthcare entities and Local Governments in Central and Eastern Europe.

Lending Products


BFF Banking Group provides the public entity with financing up to a certain amount of cash. The financing may serve to meet both liquidity and investment needs. It also makes it possible to consolidate and restructure current credit liabilities. It is often used by clients as bridge financing. It is offered to Local Self-Government Units, Municipal Companies and Hospitals.

The schedule of disbursement and repayment is individually agreed with the client and is adjusted to the executed investment.  Flexible form of financing security, most often only a blank bill of exchange is used as security.

Main features: 

  • Standard product financing any investment objective, any restructuring objective or any consolidation objective
  • Possibility of obtaining bridge financing
  • Long-term financing - any repayment schedule tailored to the client's needs, the loan may be disbursed to the client on a one-off basis or in tranches 
  • Possibility of obtaining a grace period in repayment of capital


  • Tailored financing structure
  • Possibility to finance 100% of gross investment value
  • Flexible repayment schedule in line with cash-flow of the client
  • Financial support in investment projects as bridge financing and financing of the client's own contribution to co-financed investments



This is a financial instrument in which the issuer of bonds (local self-government unit or a municipal company) obtains financing for any purpose. The issuer of bonds adjusts the repayment schedule (bond redemption schedule) to the financial needs of the local self-government unit.

BFF Banking Group is an experienced entity on the market of financing self-government units in the form of bonds and is one of the most active entities in the market.

Main features:

  • Ease of obtaining long-term financing with a schedule of bond redemption tailored to the needs of the local self-government unit
  • Commonly used instrument for financing investments, deficit financing and consolidation of existing debt in local self-government units
  • Support of an experienced team and experienced brokerage houses in planning bond issues
  • Market regulated by the Act on Public Trading in Securities, supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The National Depository for Securities keeps a register of issued bonds


  • Long-term grace period
  • Possibility of pricing negotiation with offerors
  • Flexible repayment schedule in line with WPF
  • Long-term maturity (depending on the financial standing of the bonds’ issuer)
  • No public procurement required



Overdraft is financing in the form of a loan. Within the granted financial limit, the client receives a financing limit which is freely used and freely repayable during the term of the agreement, and only handles interest on the used limit on a monthly basis. Overdraft is offered to Local Self-Government Units, Municipal Companies and Hospitals.

Main features:

  • Limit set individually
  • Agreement concluded for up to 12 months with the possibility of renewal for subsequent periods
  • No limitations on the use of the granted limit - the client decides when and how to use the financing
  • Costs clearly defined in advance
  • Interest cost calculated on the basis of the actual amount and period of use
  • Collateral: blank bill of exchange


  • Quick access to funds - in a situation of temporary shortage of funds, the client activates funding to settle other liabilities in a timely manner - the client decides for himself what for and when to use the funds
  • Optimization of interest costs through flexible limit management
  • Excellent tool for supporting customer liquidity management



BFF Banking Group at the client's consent repays the debt specified by the client (it joins the creditor's rights to the amount of the payment made). With the client, BFF Banking Group establishes a new schedule and financial conditions of repayment of the existing debt. 

Main features: 

  • The consent of the founding body to change the creditor (in case of SP ZOZ) is required
  • Repayment may only relate to mature obligations, unless the creditor agrees to repay other ones
  • Under the agreement, the repayment may not apply to public-law liabilities, i.e. TAX
  • Repayment is made directly to the creditor's account
  • BFF Banking Group concludes an agreement with the client regulating a new repayment schedule and financial conditions


  • A tool to support the restructuring of the client's liabilities, the agreement defines a new repayment schedule tailored to the client's needs
  • The subrogation is not a new commitment
  • A mature liability is exchanged for a non-matured liability to be repaid in long-term instalments
  • The client can avoid unnecessary costs, for example, related to court proceedings



An agreement between the BFF Banking Group and the client assigning BFF as a co-Debtor. BFF pays off liabilities. This solution allows LGU to pay OPEX with longer repayment schedules and it is also used to finance smaller investments or overdue operational expenses.


  • Product is used to cover liquidity gaps related with supply of services of goods to the Local Governments, Municipal Companies or Healthcare providers
  • Additional value for the clients is the possibility to agree a long-term repayment schedule with BFF, that would not be possible with the initial creditor