Banks, PSP & Corporate

We are the leading independent Italian player for domestic transactions, with a significant focus on intermediary services.

Cheques and receivables

Services provided to enhance the overall offering for banks:

  • Issuing of cashier’s cheques:
    • Project support, supply of personalised cheques, flow management, fraud prevention
  • Collection of bank cheques
    • Bank intermediary services for Cheque Image Truncation (CIT) and accounting 
    • Collection of cheques in foreign currency (Cash Letters)
  • Collection of receivables
    • Management of unpaid/disputed receivables, collection management, physical vault



  • Reduction of cheque-management overheads
  • Fraud prevention managed entirely by BFF
  • Outsourcing of back-office and Cheque Image Truncation activities
  • Availability of value-add services (cheque image database, digital signature, management of bounced cheques with BankIT, digital preservation, etc.)
  • Compliance with CIT regulation
  • Vault management
  • Web-monitoring tool (receivables)