Funds & AMCs

We are the sole Italian nationwide player in the securities services business.


Our depositary services include:

  • NAV valuation monitoring and other oversight activities
  • Ensuring compliance for Fund share issues and reimbursements
  • Record-keeping on the ownership of the financial instruments and other assets
  • Reporting for Funds, asset managers and oversight bodies
  • Reconciliation of financial instruments, assets and liquidity
  • Execution of current account operations for Funds



  • Unique knowledge of local context – sole Italian depositary
  • Ability to adapt to customer needs (e.g. custom reporting)
  • Market leader for closed pension funds
  • Extensive offering of high value-add products/services


Our depositary offering can be integrated with a set of value-added services, which can be customised to meet the client’s specific set of requirements:

  • Soft-NAV calculation for all clients
  • Checks on legislative limits and investment mandate limits
  • Indexing of pension funds
  • OICR “Look Through”: detailed analysis and monitoring, within the legislative limits, of each financial instrument in the OICR portfolio; on the basis of this analysis, direct and indirect investment limits are recalculated
  • Sending of COVIP flows (Resolution 16/3/2012) in support of pension fund financing
  • Customer-facing: dedicated team for the monitoring and verification of payments made by the Fund
  • NETGATE Reporting System: performance and risk analysis of the portfolio, efficiency indicators and rolling analysis
  • Management of integrated taxation: following proper authorisation, compilation of documents and forms for the optimisation of tax expenses
  • Efficient document exchange through a dedicated IT applicatio