Banks, PSP & Corporate

We are the leading independent Italian player for domestic transactions, with a significant focus on intermediary services.

Intermediary payments

We offer 3 main clusters of services:

  • Payment settlement:
    • Standard settlement (Instant, SEPA, Domestic Bi-comp, Target 2, Cross Border)
    • Interbank settlement (Setif, multicurrency payments and collections, transfers)
  • Card Settlement
    • Clearing and settlement agent for the VISA and MasterCard circuits
  • Other settlement services and Web/ATM payments (i.e. mobile top-ups, pre-payment cards, postal payments, payment of utility bills, etc.



  • Single correspondent account
  • Competitive time to market
  • Customised services
  • Outsourcing of investment
  • Guaranteed control of each payment settlement phase
  • Console kit for real-time monitoring and reporting