The complexity and the speed of changes affecting the way companies operate today require a long-term strategic approach with an increasing focus on sustainability issues.

There is a new awareness, which takes the form of continuous innovation benefiting the system in which we operate and our customers, to whom we are committed to offering comprehensive and effective solutions.

The balance between who we are and who we want to become will necessarily require the creation of shared values, and a transparent and responsible commitment, in which we are determined to invest as part of the strategic horizon of our new business objectives.


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BFF announces a new project to promote Italian Contemporary Art

BFF is proud to announce the launch of the project ART FACTOR – The Pop Legacy in Post-War Italian Art, which takes its initial form in the book of the same name, published by Skira editore Milan Genève Paris, and in a website showcasing the collection; the phase 2 of the project will see the collection being exhibited across Europe. Art reminds us of the importance of imagination, creativity and innovation: all crucial to companies and society for designing a more sustainable future.

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BFF Banking Group chooses Castellana 81 in Madrid

Castellana 81 represents BFF commitment to reduce impact on environment and secure healthy working condition to its employees. Progressive relocation of offices in green buildings, fostering employee well-being and reducing environmental impact: Poland 2019, LEED (1) rating: Gold; Spain 2020, LEED (1) rating: Platinum (maximum); Italy: goal targeted in 2023.
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For details on our ESG performances read or download our Non Financial Disclosure:

2021 Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure .pdf
2020 Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure .pdf
2019 Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure (voluntary basis) .pdf


ESG Ratings Comprehensive


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Sycomore Annual Conference

Massimiliano Belingheri, Group CEO of BFF, on Just Transition.

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The Brama Miasta complex in Lodz

The Brama Miasta complex in Lodz Krzysztof Kawalec, Head of Poland

BFF Bank