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Supervisory Body


According to Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter b) of Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8 June 2001, at its meeting on 4th November 2015, the Bank's Board of Directors appointed the Supervisory Board (SB), which has independent initiative and control powers, to supervise the functioning and the monitoring the Organisational and Control model of the Bank, to prevent the offences in Legislative Decree. No. 231/2001.

As part of the tasks it must perform pursuant to Legislative Decree. No. 231/2001, the Supervisory Board:

  • contributes, in advance, to the definition of the Organisational and Control model adopted by the Bank, constantly monitoring compliance with the procedure referred to therein and, if a crime is committed, analysing the causes to identify the most appropriate corrective measures;
  • according to Article 52 of Legislative Decree. 231/2007, oversees compliance with the rules contained in the decree, and performs the prescribed reports, within its functions and responsibilities. To conduct these activities, it receives the information flows by the Organizational Units of the Bank and can access all relevant information, without limitation, for the fulfilment of its duties;
  • relies on the Internal Audit and all internal Business Functions of the Bank for the acquisition of pertinent information under Legislative Decree. No. 231/2001.

Supervisory Body

Name Position Role
Marina Corsi External Professional President
Silvio Necchi External Professional Member

Gianluca Poletti

Head of Internal Audit Member