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27 October 2021
13:30 -16:30 CET
Recovering Spain: Key trends in public finances and the state of the economy

After closing several quarters with a weak sign of recovery in key macroeconomic indicators, the third quarter of 2021 started on a more positive path. The pace of vaccination, the adoption of more incisive but also more directed measures for epidemiological control, have allowed some breathing space to the economy, particularly since many restrictive measures were lifted last May.

By the end of June, the Bank of Spain had revised positively its 2021-2023 macro scenario for Spain due to the positive evolution in the health front and the improvement of economic perspectives in neighboring countries, as well as due to the arrival of European funds, whose effects will be felt starting from 2022. It is expected that Spain will reach pre-pandemic GDP levels by the end of 2022.

However, this positive trend in economic growth may be compromised if ambitious reforms that are sustainable and long-term are not adopted in order to deliver on the commitments made towards digitalization of the economy and environmental sustainability.What steps should be taken to make sure economic indicators stabilize so that this economic recovery process is not short-lived?




● 13:30 – 14:00 Registration of participants

● 14:00 – 15:00 Light lunch

● 15:00 – 15.05 WELCOME
Massimiliano Belingheri, CEO of  BFF Banking Group

● 15:05– 15.25 PRESENTATION
"Paving the way to recovery”
Official presentation of the 3Q2021 Report of the series “Macro perspectives on Spain and its regional governments’ finances”
Cristina Nogaledo, Economic Policy analyst  (virtual connection)

● 15:25 – 15.45 PRESENTATION
"Financing of the State and of regional administrations in Spain"
Pablo de Ramón-Laca, DG of Treasury and Financial Policy of the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation

● 15:45 – 16.05 Q&A

● 16:05 – 16.15 CLOSING ADDRESS
Javier Molinero Sánchez, Director General of BFF Banking Group Spain


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