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6-8 September 2022
XXXI Economic Forum

The Economic Forum in Karpacz is the largest economic conference in Central and Eastern Europe, which aims to promote a debate on the development of political and economic cooperation between EU Member States and extra-EU Countries.

BFF will be present in 4 round tables:


6th September, 2022: 

  • Investment trends in 2022 

In a time of soaring interest rates and heightened inflation, historically assets like stocks and bonds underperform, or will this be the case in the recession ahead? How to effectively allocate assets today - what is the future of the private capital market in times of rising costs of financing and raising capital? Can the current assets, which Poles like real estate in particular, be a security in the perspective of reducing the demand? How will the Polish currency behave in tandem with the dollar and the euro? 

  • Effective financing and organization of health care in Poland 

Among the most pressing challenges facing health care in Poland are the growing emphasis on security after the COVID-19 pandemic, the heavy emphasis on hospital services, or insufficient resources dedicated to prevention and long-term care, resulting in, among other things, the increasing indebtedness of hospital facilities. How to structure the health care system so that it is efficient and responsive to social needs? What instruments should be used? From where can we draw models and how to implement change?


7th September, 2022:

  • Investment in Regions. How Do European Cities and Regions Change Thanks to the Funds? 

The recipe for recovery from a pandemic includes investment. It is the best tool for creating new jobs and modernizing infrastructure. In Poland, the government's Strategic Investment Program addressed to local governments aims to increase the scale of public investment in such areas as water and sewage infrastructure, modernization of heat sources or waste management in the form of non-refundable subsidies. The program is expected to help rebuild the economy affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and stimulate investments across the country. 

  • Are medical facilities safe for patients after the COVID era? 

After two years of COVID, are medical facilities prepared for another wave or another epidemic? Was the increase in health debt caused by fear of coming to a medical facility and contacting a doctor? What safeguards are currently in place to prevent infection and infectious disease in health facilities Where to get funds for innovation for a health facility? Grant? Bank? Lease funds...? How to finance protection against transmission of infections? 


Language of the event: Polish 

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