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26 May 2022
from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. CET
"Calabria" and "Save Naples" decrees: impact on business and opportunities for a collaboration with BFF

The webinar aims to explain contents and implications of the regulatory changes recently introduced by Laws no. 15 of 25/02/2022 (Save Naples) and no. 215 of 17/12/2021 (regarding the health system of Calabria Region).


The panelists will discuss risks, administrative and operational burdens associated with the measures introduced by the laws.


The event will also be an opportunity to learn about the solutions that BFF has developed as a support to its clients, to manage critical issues arising from these regulations and reduce the impact on business.



Michele Antognoli, VP Factoring & Lending, BFF Banking Group
Mario Gustato, Director Group General Counsel & Business Legal Affairs, BFF Banking Group
Andrea Benettin, Director Group Credit management, BFF Banking Group
Andrea Benigni, Director Sales, BFF Banking Group



Sonia Madonna, Communications & Institutional Relations, BFF Banking Group


For more information: [email protected]