Letter to Stakeholders

The complexity and speed of changes affecting the way companies operate today require a long-term strategic approach with an increasingly greater focus on sustainability issues.

In the year just ended, our Group continued to pursue the consolidation of its leadership position in Italy and its growth in Europe, operating with discipline into ensuring high profitability and a strong control of risk, liquidity and capital. These efforts led to the presentation of the new 2023 Business Plan, whereby we aim to be a bank leader in specialty finance niches in Europe, by leveraging on our primary position in financial services to the suppliers to the Public Administration and Healthcare.

This new paradigm can only be achieved by operating with honesty and transparency, investing in our people, maintaining leadership in innovation, customer service and execution in our reference markets, with a low risk profile and high operational efficiency, and by being aligned with the best practices of corporate governance for public companies. There is a new awareness, which takes the form of continuous innovation benefiting the system in which we operate and our customers, to whom we are committed to offering increasingly comprehensive and effective solutions.

The balance between who we are and who we want to become will necessarily require the creation of shared values, and a transparent and responsible commitment, in which we are determined to invest as part of the strategic horizon of our new business objectives.

Salvatore Messina